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What’s best to read?

Part 1: Awards, Best Seller Lists, Book Club Picks…What does it all mean?

Through this 4-part series, we hope to help you make your next book purchase a great one. Book covers with shiny gold and silver medallions announce that one book is a Pulitzer Prize Winner and another received the John Newbery Medal. Other book covers proclaim to be a choice of Oprah’s Book Club, a Reese’s Book Club Pickor a New York Times Bestseller.  What does it all mean? Do you want to read a book because Oprah liked it? Do you

wonder if you’d like a New York Times bestseller more than one recommended by your local librarian? Keep reading to find out how to make sense of all these awards and accolades. It can help you find the books you will love, books that will increase your love of reading and, most important, books you’ll
be glad you bought. 

There are two main categories of book awards: those for children and those for adults. Within these main categories are numerous subcategories including books by genre, prestigious literary awards, and book club recommendations. We’ll start this series with adult awards, to be followed by a review of children’s awards and, last, a discussion of book club picks.